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TypeScript is a type-safe JavaScript superset, built with the specifics of large-scale enterprise application development in mind.

TypeScript – JavaScript that scales

TypeScript, first released in 2012, is a superset of JavaScript that compiles to JavaScript. TypeScript supports modern and future JavaScript language features, and offers a sophisticated static type system, that can be used as needed. This not only allows to write clean and maintainable code, the additional guidelines also help to improve communication, coordination, and collaboration within the team. For us, TypeScript is a great extension to JavaScript that significantly improves efficiency.


TypeScript's static type system is an additional safety net that helps to find bugs earlier and faster. Since it is fully optional, it enables you to migrate your existing JavaScript codebase as smoothly as possible.


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TypeScript supports existing and even future language features of JavaScript. This way you can write modern code that is ready for tomorrow, without breaking the compatibility to already existing code and legacy runtimes.


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A static type system is the key for IDEs to provide developers with far better guidance and hints. Knowledge of types improves the ability to share code within a team, and use code written by others.


How to decide when to use TypeScript instead of JavaScript? How to structure large TypeScript applications? How to configure and use the compiler in an optimal way? How to apply TypeScript's static type system to ensure code quality? These and similar questions arise frequently in every TypeScript project. If you face these questions, too, we are there to help by sharing our experience and giving advise. Let's get in touch!

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Evaluating technologies

While TypeScript has been designed and built for the needs of large-scale application development, it also has drawbacks. We help our customers to analyse their use cases and to figure out when to use TypeScript.

Designing architectures

TypeScript's static type system offers guidance, but also requires you to design and build well thought-out APIs. With our years of experience in building frameworks, we help to design well-structured applications.

Building applications

To use TypeScript efficiently, you also need to know how JavaScript works in detail. We help our customers to fully understand both languages in depth and to apply TypeScript successfully in their projects.

Ensuring quality

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TypeScript tries to find a reasonable balance between a pragmatic and a mathematically correct type system. We help our customers to learn how to make use of both aspects in an ideal and sustainable way.

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We would like to get to know you, and to learn about your current situation. Together, we can figure out how to empower you, and find answers to your individual visions, ideas, and questions. Let's get in touch!
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Learn about the pros and cons of TypeScript and when to use it. Understand how to benefit from TypeScript's static type system to build reliably structured applications. Learn how to optimize the compiler to get the best possible build. Apply TypeScript to ensure your project's quality. You can learn all of this in our workshops, which of course are also available tailor-made, suitable to your individual needs – remote or on-site. Let's get in touch!

On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

An advanced introduction to TypeScript

In English or German

Learn TypeScript from scratch and explore the basic and advanced concepts of the language. In a small group you will experience the theoretical basics as well as the hands-on usage.

This workshop includes

  • Introducing TypeScript
  • Understanding classes and interfaces
  • Comparing nominal and structural types
  • Using generic types
  • Configuring the compiler
  • Analysing code using ESLint
  • Writing tests for TypeScript code
  • And much more…
Matthias Wagler
Matthias Wagler
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On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

Developing enterprise applications with TypeScript

In English or German

Learn how to build large-scale enterprise applications with TypeScript that also integrate with legacy code. In a small group you will experience the theoretical basics as well as the hands-on usage.

This workshop includes

  • Structuring large-scale applications
  • Designing and building APIs
  • Using databases and message queues
  • Turning monoliths into lightweight microservices
  • Building zero-downtime applications
  • Setting up a CI / CD workflow
  • Learning patterns and practices
  • And much more…
Golo Roden
Golo Roden
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On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

Your individual TypeScript workshop

In English or German

Do you need an individual TypeScript workshop? In close collaboration with you we setup a tailor-made agenda that addresses what's most important to your individual project requirements.

This workshop includes

  • Tailor-made agenda
  • Balanced mix of theory and hands-on
  • Your place, your time
  • Close collaboration with the speaker
  • Group size according to your wishes
  • Follow-up support from our experts
  • Everything according to your needs
  • And much more…
Sophie van Sky
Sophie van Sky
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Regardless of the conceptual effort you have already put into a project, sometimes you just don't have the people with the required experience to move things forward. We at the native web do not only have many years of experience with TypeScript, we also have extensive knowledge about the development and architecture of web and cloud applications in general. Whatever you are looking for, we will be the right development partner for you. Let's get in touch!

Single-page applications

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We build high-performant single-page applications that interact with JSON-based web APIs to execute complex business workflows. They are reactive and responsive, and render universally on the client as well as the server.

Web APIs

We develop reliable web APIs that provide JSON-based services over HTTPS and web sockets. They are protected by authentication and authorization. Also, streaming and versioning are core features.

Cloud applications

We develop cloud applications for the enterprise that support elastic scaling, high availability, and failover. CQRS, event-sourcing, and messaging are also core competencies, as well as deploying and monitoring.
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Your journey to TypeScript

We believe that having the chance to learn and to evolve every day is a valuable privilege that we are very thankful for. Having a deep desire for knowledge, we take hard problems as welcome challenges, not vice versa. Hence, we would like to empower you by sharing the following resources on TypeScript.

Let's go

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To get started with TypeScript, the first place to visit is the official website. To get an idea of how things work read the TypeScript Deep Dive. If you want to run TypeScript with Node.js, have a look at ts-node.

En route

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Once you know some TypeScript, start to analyse your code and write some first tests. Then learn how to configure TypeScript and to adjust its compiler options. You also probably want to use a build tool.

No limits

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For developing large-scale enterprise applications, learn how to apply CQRS and event-sourcing. If you want to build server-side applications, learn Node.js and make yourself familiar with its ecosystem.
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