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Node.js empowers you to build lightweight web and cloud backends by using the web's primary languages, JavaScript and TypeScript.

Node.js – JavaScript for the backend

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment that lets you develop and run scalable, high-performance, real-time applications. Introduced in 2009, it quickly became one of the most powerful platforms for building modern web and cloud applications and APIs, and is nowadays supported by all major web and cloud vendors. For us, Node.js is the premier choice when it comes to select a sustainable foundation for any web and cloud application we build and run.


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Node.js was built from scratch to scale across multiple servers, and to vastly incorporate any best practices for web and cloud development. As at the same time it is very lightweight, it allows to grow with your needs.


From its very first version, Node.js has been optimized for processing streams of data in an efficient way. Since web and cloud applications are based on streams by definition, Node.js is the ideal technology for them.


Since the very early days Node.js provided support for a number of protocols that allow pushing data to the client. This is why Node.js is the perfect fit for real-time web and cloud applications.


How to decide whether to use Node.js for your next project? How to design complex enterprise Node.js applications? How to structure a large code base in Node.js? How to enforce quality metrics in a Node.js project? How to run Node.js in production? These and similar questions arise frequently in every Node.js project. If you face these questions, too, we are there to help by sharing our experience and giving advise. Let's get in touch!

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Evaluating technologies

Node.js is an amazing platform for some use cases, but not for all. With our extensive experience we help our customers to evaluate Node.js as their potential new technology platform for anything related to web and cloud.

Designing architectures

A modern backend architecture needs to support elastic scaling, failover, and many other things. Hence we help our customers to design distributed and scalable architectures for their web and cloud applications.

Building applications

Building complex web and cloud applications with Node.js requires more than just writing JavaScript or TypeScript code. This is why we help our customers to write well thought-out code of high quality.

Ensuring quality

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To keep code maintainable over time, you continuously need to ensure that it works. We help our customers to set up code analysis, to write unit and integration tests, and to regularly review code.

Applying operations

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Building applications with Node.js is only half the story. Additionally, you are going to need a production-ready environment that reliably runs at scale, without any downtimes. We help our customers to set this up.

Let's get in touch

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We would like to get to know you, and to learn about your current situation. Together, we can figure out how to empower you, and find answers to your individual visions, ideas, and questions. Let's get in touch!
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Learn about the advantages of Node.js and its benefits for your project. Become an expert in designing scalable web and cloud architecture. Learn how to use the Node.js APIs and navigate in the npm ecosystem. Write high-quality code that is immediately ready for CI / CD. And finally, run Node.js in production. You can learn all of this in our workshops, which of course are also available tailor-made, suitable to your individual needs – remote or on-site. Let's get in touch!

On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

An advanced deep-dive into Node.js

In English or German

Learn how to build professional web and cloud applications and grasp Node.js in all its details. In a small group you will experience the theoretical basics as well as the hands-on usage.

This workshop includes

  • Installing and configuring Node.js
  • Using HTTP, TCP, and accessing the file system
  • Understanding asynchronous code
  • Consuming and publishing npm modules
  • Analysing and testing your code
  • Connecting to databases and services
  • Deploying into production
  • And much more…
Hannes Leutloff
Hannes Leutloff
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On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

Building modern web APIs with Node.js

In English or German

Learn how to develop scalable APIs that integrate perfectly with your existing architecture and infrastructure. In a small group you will experience the theoretical basics as well as the hands-on usage.

This workshop includes

  • Using Express, middleware & co.
  • Sending and receiving JSON via REST
  • Authenticating and authorizing users
  • Integrating with single-sign on (SSO)
  • Streaming data and pushing notifications
  • Building micro-services
  • Securing APIs using HTTPS and OpenID Connect
  • And much more…
Golo Roden
Golo Roden
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On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

Your individual Node.js workshop

In English or German

Do you need an individual Node.js workshop? In close collaboration with you we setup a tailor-made agenda that addresses what's most important to your individual project requirements.

This workshop includes

  • Tailor-made agenda
  • Balanced mix of theory and hands-on
  • Your place, your time
  • Close collaboration with the speaker
  • Group size according to your wishes
  • Follow-up support from our experts
  • Everything according to your needs
  • And much more…
Sophie van Sky
Sophie van Sky
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Regardless of the conceptual effort you have already put into a project, sometimes you just don't have the people with the required experience to move things forward. We at the native web do not only have many years of experience with Node.js, we also have extensive knowledge about the development and architecture of web and cloud applications in general. Whatever you are looking for, we will be the right development partner for you. Let's get in touch!

Web APIs

We develop reliable web APIs that provide JSON-based services over HTTPS and web sockets. They are protected by authentication and authorization. Also, streaming and versioning are core features.

Cloud applications

We develop cloud applications for the enterprise that support elastic scaling, high availability, and failover. CQRS, event-sourcing, and messaging are also core competencies, as well as deploying and monitoring.

CLI tools

We develop cross-platform CLI tools, including daemons and services. They act as remote controls for web APIs, and they feature commands, sub-commands, options, and flags, as well as a sophisticated help system.
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Your journey to Node.js

We believe that having the chance to learn and to evolve every day is a valuable privilege that we are very thankful for. Having a deep desire for knowledge, we take hard problems as welcome challenges, not vice versa. Hence, we would like to empower you by sharing the following resources on Node.js.

Let's go

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When getting started with Node.js, the first thing to visit is the official Node.js website. Do not download an installer, use nvm instead. Finally, learn to use npm, and start to explore the Node.js ecosystem.

En route

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Once you are somewhat familiar with Node.js and its APIs, learn about the event loop and get to know Express. Also, start to analyse your code and write some first tests. You probably want to use a build tool.

No limits

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Start to use TypeScript with Node.js and get yourself familiar with the idea of the twelve-factor apps. Finally, care about web and cloud architecture and learn how to apply CQRS and event-sourcing.
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