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We introduce technologies and concepts to individuals and teams and guide them on their way, from beginners to experts, on-site and remote.

Workshops – lifelong learning

In our workshops we introduce technologies and concepts to individuals and teams. We provide introductory, advanced deep-dive, and tailor-made workshops, in which we guide the participants on their way from beginners to experts, using a balanced mixture of theory and hands-on. We consider a solid understanding of fundamentals, principles, and relations more important than simply applying things and following a predefined plan. Of course, any workshop is available on-site and remote.


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Learning the fundamentals properly is essential for being able to build upon them reliably later. For that reason, in our introductory workshops we ensure to adequately explain principles and relations.

Advanced deep-dive

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Once you are familiar with the basics, you're ready to explore more complex and sophisticated topics. Therefore we give advanced deep-dive workshops, in which you learn about the details of technologies and concepts.


All of our workshops are of course also available tailor-made, suitable to your individual needs and requirements. In close collaboration with you we set up an agenda that addresses what's most important for you.
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Core values

We believe that the foundation for sustainable workshops is primarily to develop a deep understanding of complexity. This requires in-depth explanations of high quality, a balanced mixture of theory and hands-on experiences, and a simple and clear presentation. With more than a decade of experience we have a wide range of solid know-how and reliable didactic methods. If you want to get started with a new topic or extend your existing knowledge, let's get in touch!

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Quality over quantity

Developing a deep and solid understanding of any topic is more important than simply applying things and following a predefined plan. That's why we focus on individuals and small teams rather than large audiences.
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Complexity made simple

Taking the complex and making it simple is a key ingredient in a successful and sustainable workshop. Hence we reduce the complexity of any given topic to the essential to discover the underlying concepts and rules.
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Theory and hands-on

Getting to know the theoretical basics is as important as experiencing hands-on usage. In our workshops we provide a well-balanced mix: Theory always comes first, and is closely followed by practice.


Thanks to our years of experience, we know which workshop topics are particularly in demand. Therefore we offer a selection of ready-made workshops off the shelf, which we are of course happy to adjust to your individual demands. If you need a specific tailor-made workshop according to your project requirements, this is also possible. For this purpose we discuss the desired topics, identify your individual needs, and address potential constraints. Either way, let's get in touch!

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If you share our core values and like our portfolio, we would be more than happy to welcome you at one of our ready-made workshops off the shelf, or to discuss a tailor-made workshop with you. To get started, send us a message and tell us about you and your needs. We are confident that together we will figure out the right way to help you. Whether you are a start-up or an established corporation, we will shape and provide a workshop for you.

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Susanna Roden, founder and managing director, is looking forward to receive your message and to get to know you!