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Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) empowers software to dynamically adapt to new scenarios by using information that have been acquired over time.

AI – enabling software to learn

AI is a field of computer science that deals with the design and development of software that dynamically adapts its behavior to new scenarios based on information acquired over time. The idea is to no longer develop software prescriptively, but to teach it how to learn by itself. Since around 2010 AI has become a leading development technique, primarily thanks to the ever-increasing performance of hardware. For us, AI is a relevant cornerstone for modern software development.

Data analysis

Data charts
One of the classical tasks for AI is data analysis, either to detect clusters or to make predictions. There is a variety of efficient algorithms, supervised and unsupervised, that help you to gain valuable business insights.


Paint palette and brush
AI supports you in your creativity, be it by assisting in writing texts or drawing images, or anything else. You may rely on algorithms to write code, translate natural language, or compose music, whatever you can think of.

Predictive maintenance

Thunder storm
By analysing the past and predicting the future, AI is capable of predicting failures as well. Being able to identify and resolve issues before they happen is a highly valuable factor in operating machines and systems.


How to use AI to solve real-world problems in novel ways? How to decide for or against an algorithm and what are the criteria for this? How to complement AI with a convenient application architecture? How to implement and use the various AI algorithms? How to make sure that AI is working in reasonable ways? These and similar questions arise frequently in every AI project. If you face these questions, too, we are there to help by sharing our experience and giving advise. Let's get in touch!

Consulting impact possibilities








Shaping visions

When shaping a vision, the outcome gets influenced by the technologies available and their boundaries. We help our customers to expand their creativity with AI, by giving advise and guiding with best practices.

Evaluating technologies

Using AI is not as simple as it seems, since you need to select appropriate algorithms, prepare data, and match both. We help to perform these tasks, for analytical and creative scenarios, and to evaluate options if needed.

Designing architectures

Integrating AI services with web or cloud applications not only has to be done in code, but also already on the conceptual level. We help to select AI services and to include them into the application architecture.

Building applications

Even though you can use a variety of AI algorithms off the shelf, knowing how they work and when to apply them is essential. We help to select ready-made algorithms and to build custom ones.

Ensuring quality

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An AI is only as effective as the data it was trained with. Hence it is mission-critical to objectively verify AI results. We help to ensure that AIs are valid, helpful, reasonable, and – ideally – predictable.

Let's get in touch

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We would like to get to know you, and to learn about your current situation. Together, we can figure out how to empower you, and find answers to your individual visions, ideas, and questions. Let's get in touch!
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Learn how to use AI to solve real-world problems in novel ways. Become an expert in deciding for or against an algorithm. Learn how to complement AI with a convenient application architecture. Implement and use the various AI algorithms. And finally, make sure that AI is working in reasonable ways. You can learn all of this in our workshops, which of course are also available tailor-made, suitable to your individual needs – remote or on-site. Let's get in touch!

On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

Getting started with AI – theory and practice

In English or German

Learn about the core concepts of AI and various algorithms, and how to apply them. In a small group you will experience the theoretical basics as well as the hands-on usage.

This workshop includes

  • Introducing AI core concepts
  • Normalizing data
  • Calculating and interpreting errors
  • Identifying clusters
  • Predicting the future
  • Using genetic algorithms
  • Understanding neural networks
  • And much more…
Golo Roden
Golo Roden
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On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

Building your own neural network

In English or German

Learn how neural networks work, and apply this knowledge by building your own. In a small group you will experience the theoretical basics as well as the hands-on usage.

This workshop includes

  • Reviewing calculus
  • Normalizing data
  • Designing neurons and activation functions
  • Propagating results forward
  • Understanding back-propagation
  • Using deep models
  • Verifying the results
  • And much more…
Matthias Wagler
Matthias Wagler
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On demand – remote or on-site

You define place and time

Your individual artificial intelligence workshop

In English or German

Do you need an individual AI workshop? In close collaboration with you we setup a tailor-made agenda that addresses what's most important to your individual project requirements.

This workshop includes

  • Tailor-made agenda
  • Balanced mix of theory and hands-on
  • Your place, your time
  • Close collaboration with the speaker
  • Group size according to your wishes
  • Follow-up support from our experts
  • Everything according to your needs
  • And much more…
Sophie van Sky
Sophie van Sky
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Regardless of the conceptual effort you have already put into a project, sometimes you just don't have the people with the required experience to move things forward. We at the native web do not only have many years of experience with AI, we also have extensive knowledge about the development and architecture of web and cloud applications in general. Whatever you are looking for, we will be the right development partner for you. Let's get in touch!

Behavior prediction

Human with sliders in their head
We develop solutions to analyse and predict user behavior, to verify which features of an application are used as intended. With these data you are able to improve the usability and handling of your application.

Computer-aided writing

Pencils in a cup
We develop computer-aided writing applications to help technical writers with their wording, writing style, and grammar. This allows authors to focus on the content rather than the form of their texts.

Sensor analysis

Construction worker
We develop services that monitor and analyse sensor data collected by IoT systems. This empowers predictive maintenance, which reduces costs in operations, and improves reliability and availability.
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Your journey to AI

We believe that having the chance to learn and to evolve every day is a valuable privilege that we are very thankful for. Having a deep desire for knowledge, we take hard problems as welcome challenges, not vice versa. Hence, we would like to empower you by sharing the following resources on AI.

Let's go

Compass rose
When getting started with AI, first learn about various algorithm classes, such as supervised and unsupervised ones. Read about normalizing data and how error calculation works. Understand K-means.

En route

Map with location pointer
Once you know the core concepts of AI, review calculus, and learn about linear and logarithmic regression and related algorithms that try to predict the future. Understand underfitting and overfitting.

No limits

Mountain with flag on top
Learn about genetic algorithms and neural networks. Understand back-propagation. Finally, build your own neural network from scratch, train it, process data, verify the results, and use it for production.
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